Christmas Eve Travel Disruption 24/12/13


With the crappy weather & flooding the UK has been experiencing it was no surprise to find that impacting on Christmas travel services, so for my journey back to my family in Swansea I made use of the delays to take some pictures at Paddington.   Nice of the Mail to pick them up for an online editorial piece.   Apart from a slightly longer route back to Swansea I arrived home fine, I hope everyone manages to get back to their loved ones ok! The images are available for editorial usage licensing through London News Pictures.


wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_Paddington_019.jpg wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_Paddington_022.jpg   wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_St_Pancras_001.jpg   wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_Paddington_017.jpg   wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_Paddington_026.jpg   wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_Paddington_013.jpg   wpid-24-12-2013_Christmas_Eve_Train_Travel_Paddington_004.jpg     wpid-DSC_3179.jpg   wpid-24-12-2013_Xmas_Flooding_002.jpg

Mail Online 24/12/13 - Rail Disruption at Paddington Station
Mail Online 24/12/13 – Rail Disruption at Paddington Station



And on the return journey back to London on the 27th we passengers had to contend with an absolutely rammed train.  Good job the post-war spirit held us through it – stiff upper-lip chaps!